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Star Trek Eliteforce Multiplayer complete game 1.0.1

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About This File

File is hosted by/courtesy of The Last Outpost Forum   UHQ is adding it here to introduce others to this great classic Star trek game.  

Seventeen years ago, Raven Software released one of the most lovingly crafted, authentic Star Trek experiences ever made, and it just so happened to be a very good arena shooter. Even after players finished playing through the game's expertly designed single-player campaign, its frantic, Quake-like "Holomatch" multiplayer kept players hooked for hours. Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force was a magnificent product, but as the years have passed, and the game's gone out of print, it's become increasingly hard to find.

With permission from Raven Software and CBS, The Last Outpost is proud to present the complete Holomatch experience, available for free. Based on Thilo's icculus Quake III engine conversion, this installer provides players with unrestricted access to the game's online multiplayer, no CD key required. We've also taken the liberty of including several user-created maps and player models to give players even more content, providing the best balance of variety and quality.

Known Issues:

•   No official support for Linux or macOS operating systems.
            •   A Linux client is currently being researched. No macOS client is planned at this time.
                   •    In the meantime, the game has been tested and confirmed to work on WINE.

•   Resolution defaults to full screen 640x480.
•   No in-game options for display 4:3 resolutions above 2048x1536 and 16:9 resolutions above 856x480.
•   No in-game options for 3:2 and 21:9 aspect ratios.
            •   All of these problems can be fixed by setting /r_customwidth and /r_customheight to your desired window size.
                   •    For example, you would type /r_customwidth "1920";r_customheight "1080" in console for 1080p displays.
                   •    /r_fullscreen "0" can be used to force windowed mode.
                   •    If none of your changes are taking effect, try /r_mode "-1" and /vid_restart.

•   No in-game options for anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering.
            •   These must be set manually via your graphics card's control panel.

•   Users may encounter problems joining servers due to a "bad CD key" error.
            •   This occurs because some servers still use the original game client, instead of ioEF, which has the CD key check disabled.
                   •    This cannot be fixed without a valid CD key. A list of compatible ioEF-based servers is available here.

•   The in-game model list doesn't include all of the player models and skins present in BaseEF.
            •   This is the result of an engine limitation with how many models the menu can display. We are researching possible fixes.


What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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