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N2CJUW (NOLF 2, C. JACK, URA weapons) 1.0

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In order to set up my mod, you copy the REZ files to the "Custom" folder in your NOLF 1 folder (create it if there's no "Custom" folder) and then select advanced, custom when opening the game and load the mods normally like you would any other. For the fixing of texture glitches you have to set model chrome to off, which can be found under options, advanced, display once you open the game. And with that, you're done. Normally unusable weapons, also replaced, will appear in both single and multi player modes, although you might need to use the cheat "mpkingoftehmonstars" in chat in single player to get some normally unusable ones. Version 1 has 4 more weapons but glitches key bindings for some unknown reason which I'd love to find out and fix. Version 2 has 4 less weapons but doesn't bug your game. The coin and the lockpick couldn't be replaced for technical problems, the camera disabler doesn't have anything that would fit in its place, the bacalov corrector texture still glitches after turning off model chrome, the camera doesn't even show up and some sounds are still the originals or mute. That is all I think.

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


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