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Project-M (continuation of Weapons Test)


Mod that adds many new weapons to Contract Jack including:

URA's .357 LX

Lla Special


Micro Uzi

Dual Micro Uzi's


Double Barrel Shotgun





Model M


Mod features:

New weapons

Jetpack (default key = b )

Basic Anti cheats (D3D8.)

SpyVision on select scopes (grab key = on/off)

Combat SpyVision (requires the Jetpack)

Step zooming on level 2 scopes

Auto zoom out

New sniper crosshairs

Faster zoom in/out time

Improved weapon handling when crouching

Taunts & taunts manager

SpyVision edit mode (Shift+F9 = on/off)

FPS counter (F9 = on, Esc = off)

Screen shot mode (F11 = on/off)

3rd person mode (F12 = on/off when alive)

Free cam mode (F12 = on when dead)

Score sounds (optional)

Chat line sound/music player

Spawn a Jetpack cheat (flyboy)

Spawn a weapon cheat (shootme + weapon name OR index)

Private messaging chat

Improved vehicle spawnning cheat

Enabled host/scmd cheats: baddaboom, flyboy, shootme & rosebud


See online readme for more

What's New in Version 1.0


  • Whats new:
  • Added taunt manager
  • Added Default Weapons menu in host options
  • Added the FAMAS F1 assault rifle (in place of the AK-47)
  • Added the Double Barrel Shotgun (in place of the Shotgun)
  • Added the Model M melee weapon
  • Added FAMAS phos ammo
  • Added new multiplayer characters
  • Added the old car from Mob Enforcer in place of the snowmobile
  • Added basic stats to the score screen
  • Linked FAMAS ammo to AK47's
  • Linked .32 fmj to .357 fmj
  • Linked .32 cyanide to .357 LX
  • Linked M82 to .308 fmj
  • Readded .308 Sniper Rifle (by obtaining two M82A1's)
  • Imported the BAR from Mob Enforcer
  • Imported the Molotov Cocktail from Mob Enforcer
  • Imported the Laughing Gas Grenade from NOLF2
  • Linked all grenade's to the Angry Kitty
  • Auto spawning Jetpack's (1 per player)
  • Added server options to turn off/on Jetpack auto spawning
  • Adjusted Dual Micro Uzi's, M82A1 & other Melee weapons fire delays
  • Adjusted Flashbangs
  • Updated Dual Micro Uzi's fire sound
  • Updated weapon upgrade code
  • Added server list to the server browser
  • Enabled Coop mode for SP missions

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