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  2. Aranzeb WTS Mythic T6 Nodachi

    Hello, WTS Mythic T6 Nodachi Want to sell mythic t6 Nodachi, your materials to t7 and give me a good offer. You can reply here of mail me in game! View the full article
  3. as title says, both desert (u can change it anyway), no gems pm Vanad or write a mail ingame or leave a comment below View the full article
  4. Game Opening poems

    hellow community quick question: is there anyone who has by coincidence made a screenshot of every opening poems of the game? or does any of you know where i could find them all? thx for the help in advance ;) View the full article
  5. Kraken WTB Epic Ayanad Bow x2

    Looking to buy 2 epic ayanad bows. View the full article
  6. Since the dwarves are petite enough to be fairy-like, and the warborn are basically demons anyway. XL Games really need to do a rethink for the next 2 race releases. I propose the awesome mermaid race for the East And the West gets the octopians. Their normal form is the aquatic versions, but they can transmorgrify into a land based humanoid (also known as, having two legs). Perhaps, there would much more emphasis into developing naval and underwater content View the full article
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by BigDataDude Quote: Originally Posted by StraponBunny is the newest pts update going live in today's maintenance or is it in next weeks? or when can we expect it? It's the same version number as far as I can tell so it should be there. I do already see people getting way above the normal when farming.If one spot isn't working for you I would try another. The crates drop in ds, aegis, ws, library, etc.. Quote: Originally Posted by DanTheGreat So are you going to tell us the new % on the drop rate or not? I won't be stating numbers personally since I dont know them exactly. Jump to post... View the full article
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by BigDataDude Quote: Originally Posted by Darkshinera just after the update i open creat and i got Moonpoint so i think we don't go it since in the last test ppl do we don't get anymore sun/moonpoint in creat They didnt go away they were just made very rare Jump to post... View the full article
  9. Enthusiastic Adventurer gifts?

    Hi, does anyone know if new characters no longer get enthusiastic adventurer gifts when they reach a certain level? or how do you get them? View the full article
  10. WTS these ribbons, can only be used in haranya, pirate or player nation on Tempest. View the full article
  11. taking offers, currently on conviction low offers will be ignored. thanks :D View the full article
  12. Kraken WTB>Epic Ayanad Plate

    Looking for Ayanad Epic Plate. Message me ty View the full article
  13. Error #2013 & #2022

    Today was using Pingzapper, and in a moment .. pingzapper had an terrible error. I tried to re-enter with pingzapper, which I could not start (error). I close pingzapper to re-enter... right click in glyph and.... ERROR #2013, okay.. i tried 1, 2, 3, 50... and impossible, this error persist. okay, uninstalled glyph and archeage.. open glyph and, error 2013. okay, uninstalled glyph and archeage, check the port, dns.. all okay... open glyph and error 2013. Really need help... this is already arrggghhh... View the full article
  14. Truly new

    Greetings, while I am not new to gaming I am totally new to this particular game. I am totally unsure of what to do beyond following the quests I find. I have a below level 15 character on the server Kyrios and another character, above 15 at this writing on the server Conviction. I realize how "late to the game" I am but I am wondering if there is a North American Server that is more noob friendly than the others? I do not see any quild showing on the recruiting/adverstising? list thing in game that mentions being noob friendly so that option is out at this point? I am not a "hardcore" gamer, more for entertainment value in the evernings (eastern time zone). I do have patron at this time, that seemed like a smart thing to do. I did take a look at the "guild" section of this forum but could not see anything jumping out as a guild on this Conviction server, much less a newbie-friendly guild. View the full article
  15. Yesterday
  16. pm with prices on vengance View the full article
  17. Demonologist Build

    I need a good Demonologist build for this current update. I seriously have no idea what I'm doing. lvl 50 Thanks! View the full article
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by Quillodon Quote: Originally Posted by jahlon So, since the official translations are going to be coming, no need for my butchered hacked version of them. Honestly, there will always be value in fan-run translation sites. Players getting early info from the developer's region and then speculating on what gear/builds/skills/strats to invest in will aaaaaaaalways have a place in a game like this. And since i literally will not confirm or deny "official" changes until i have a final NA build in my hand (which is often astonishingly close to launch), the window of speculation/planning is actually pretty big. (Whether or not YOU think that benfit is worth the extra hassle is entirely up to you, of course. But there are definitely always people who want that edge if possible.)Didn't mean to steal your thunder, Jahlon! Just wanted to reassure you about the skill names issue in that other thread, is all =) Jump to post... View the full article
  19. Aranzeb WTB Erenor Bow epic PST

    PM Here with price :) View the full article
  20. Discussion About Fair Play

    Creating a different thread, because I feel like any discussion in the other thread gets bogged down by sides on a particular instance rather than looking at the bigger picture. My question is, where is this game heading as far as fair play is concerned? I am honestly unclear at this point on how to decide what is fair and what is not. It seems like Trion itself has no real 'standard' approach to these issues. Here are a few examples of what I mean. I assume others have more they could add, but here are the ones that leave me confused. Cart blocking - banned. No mechanic abuse here, plenty of work arounds, and really only became a true issue when Trion handed out free 30d haulers to level 1's. We got a forever ban on cart blocking and Alt-age was born. A long time back you could use a dead donkey to block a boat. Trion ruled this was ok to abuse. Shortly after people were using dry docks to block a boat. This one Trion ruled was not ok to use. As a player I have no idea whats different here, other than the dry docks actually cost gold to use. See the confusion to players? A player on Kyrios streamed himself while using a mod. Permanent ban, no chance for discussion. Another player on Kyrios streamed himself using a mod. 3 day ban, overturned within 30 mins after listening to his sob story. Did anyone have a doubt that both those players were doing the same thing and yet the punishments were entirely different. What's the take home message here for players? Dungeon bosses have historically been very exploitable. Trion said its ok to abuse them. A guild called rage killed levi after it bugged out on them. 50 people were banned. When you consider Trion's approach to exploits before and after this event, I have no idea to this day why this required 50 people being banned and the loss of one of the competitive guilds in AA. The enoan in other regions was being used to stun the levi, but for NA Trion deemed this unacceptable. Trion however has said its ok to abuse the ezi mechanic to bypass figurehead cooldowns so you can spam the heck out of them on the levi. Why is one of these allowed and the other not, there seems to be no logic? You can bring an alt to the center of Abyssal and use it to channel abyssal preventing your competition from killing the guard stone and letting you only have to guard the center, thus bypassing the mechanics of the entire event. Trion has said this is ok to do. You can buy siege scrolls with a guild and it actually gives you a red text warning that says "Can't designate a new guild leader after winning a siege" when you try and leave the guild with the scrolls. Instead of using the other legitimate options available you circumvent the costs of those options by finding a loophole in the mechanics. Trion says this is ok to do. At this point I feel like Trion's approach to whats allowed and not allowed is either random or biased in some fashion. We have a terms of use that says you will not, under any circumstances: Quote: "(i) Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players;" And yet it in reality 'under any circumstances' means 'pretty much its ok except when we randomly say otherwise' and if we are really grumpy we are going to ban you all. Some times these things are ambiguous or a grey area and a ruling by Trion is required, but those rulings should be consistent. Non-ambiguous occurrences shouldn't even be up for discussion. The game says no, then don't do it. This is a competitive, PvP based game. Everyone playing by the same rules is important. How can we make it so we are? View the full article
  21. PvP Healer for small party

    Here is my Soothsayer build I am also considering dropping SP for WC and going Heirophant. This would require me to drop some my healing in favor of CC. View the full article
  22. Portraying love and relationships in games can be tricky, and developers often struggle with how much interactivity, or even significance, should be given to intimate moments. Florence, an interactive graphic novel, finds a powerful balance in its exploration of love, offering a breathtaking experience. This breezy game puts you in the shoes of 25-year-old Florence, who is wrapped up in a mundane routine. She snoozes her alarm several times before waking up, mindlessly browses social media on the bus, and chats on the phone with her worrisome mother. When she meets Krish, a cellist whose music enchants her one day during a stroll, her world lights up. The relationship that unfolds has its share of ups and downs, as the two do a careful dance of growing closer and growing apart, making the game feel authentic. Florence tells its story mostly without words and requires minimal interactivity, but this simplicity adds to its allure. For example, in several short chapters, you match pairs of numbers to help Florence’s productivity at work or interact with a slider to put images in focus to advance a scene. These moments make the experience smooth, like conversation flowing naturally between two love-stricken partners. The simplicity keeps the focus on the narrative, so that I could better enjoy Florence’s clever and creative methods of marrying its thematic visuals with interactivity without complicated or distracting systems. (Please visit the site to view this media) Florence doesn’t just excel at portraying good moments; it also appropriately enhances the tense scenes with distinct aesthetics and changes to gameplay. Florence’s simple color palette can make the world comforting, while other times it makes more striking colors pop to accentuate strong emotions. For example, Krish’s cello-playing is overwhelmingly alluring when Florence follows floating music notes that grow into a vivid yellow background, and arguments are jarring and uncomfortable when the two wear bleak grey attire as blood red speech bubbles zoom upward. These fights are especially well done, as you try to fit puzzle pieces into speech bubbles quicker than Krish while harsh music plays. Though failing to be quicker doesn’t come with consequences, it tilts your view like a sinking ship. This imagery immersed me, as I envisioned the argument like a fierce tug-of-war. I imagined what terrible things the two were saying to each other while tears fell down their cheeks silently. Despite not having agency in the story’s direction, I felt a connection to Florence. I cheered her on as she discovered new inspirations, and felt a knowing pang of sadness as she brushed her teeth solemnly without someone by her side. She’s relatable in some of the simple ways all humans are – we all want to be loved – but she’s also young, idealistic, and finds passion through those she admires. It makes her plight more engaging and relatable. My interactions helped her through this snapshot of her life as I eagerly turned the digital pages of what felt like a personal journal. Florence is a beautiful experience that isn’t afraid to tell an ordinary story. This isn’t an action-packed, heroic tale or a somber story filled with tragedy, but it still hits some of those notes in subdued ways. Florence is happy, distressing, and admirable in its reflection of young romance, and it left me with a sense of unexpected hopefulness. View the full article
  23. Where to Costume?!

    I cant find this costume anywhere! Q.Q Whats the name of it? Where can i get it! I need it in my life its so damn awesome! View the full article
  24. The newest trailer for Onrush, an arcade racer from the experts at Coderush, shows off the variety of speedy tricks and tumbles in every scene. You'll see the various vehicles of Onrush in the video, which you can find below, including cars, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles. The fast-paced editing matches the speed of the races, making the idea of jumping off a ridge back into the race a tantalizing proposition. The game is being made by Codemasters' newest studio, which is primarily made up of former Evolution Studios staff, creators of the Motorstorm series. (Please visit the site to view this media) Onrush is releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June. View the full article
  25. Like the title says^ Msg me here or Japa ingame with offer View the full article
  26. Housing doors bugged

    So i've noticed since the 4.0 release that some of my housing doors wont animate and open or close. Like the interaction key is still there, you interact, but nothing happens. You cant open doors when they are bugged closed, and you cant close doors when they are bugged open. I've also noticed this with the princess partition, it gets bugged to where you cannot get it to close and open. This is quite an annoying bug as I have lots of doors in my homes and if I need to go from one room to the next I have to pick up the door to get around it, then set it back down. -_-; Edit: Also, you cannot just leave the doors open to avoid the issue, the doors randomly are closed even though I leave them open all the time. Same with the partitions. View the full article
  27. ello, as on topic I have for sale unique erenor greateclub View the full article
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