Cabal Leadership

Hello, welcome, and thank you for your time.

We are a The Secret World Dragon Cabal that focuses on being a casual group of people.
Our goal is to have fun, team together and be an active group.
We have no preference in time zones as we have members from multiple zones.

We use the designations for cabal names of

Dark Omen <D> =Dragons

Dark Omen <I> = Illuminati

Dark Omen <T> = Templars

Any of the members below can send you an invite to Dark Omen

Leadership Team= Dragon : SaryaZ, Raine-y, Delvina, Scaryspice, Noamu (France), Pearwood (UK), Neylani (Asia) and Agent-0047.

Leadership Team = Templars: Sperboy, TheGrinner, Siaang, Dappercat, EyzOnli and Naitia

Leadership Team = Luminati: Noir-e, FraterSEV (UK), Psifire, Cahzi, Talic, Atsuko and Sierra-Jo

For the quickest response click the Forum-Contact us link and visit us on our forum.




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