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  1. lol there's still BAB? j/k xD Hi there Zym. How you doing? I actually never bothered reading the bab story for dunno what reason if there was any... But I'll save what you posted and read it later. It's nice reading from you, you still GW too? : 3^^ Merry X-mas btw n happy new year! *waves*
  2. Skizzor logs in ocasuonally though not posting anything. I personally am not kinky on scheduling matches again. It takes too much nervesand time. If someone from our clan wants to take over, I am ok with it.
  3. Happy (Belated ) Birthday, Bella! I hope you had a great one!
  4. purple
  5. uhmm.... ahhhhm... ughhh... ehmmm... no comment.
  6. unearned
  7. pansy
  8. port
  9. Rofl.
  10. Rofl. Could be, but yet I have harder time getting or staying up at that time. (7am) Not that 5 am is a lot better. ROFL. Well for such things as pwning and rulling I preffer to play GW. Well you may say that I am just a big "wussy", so go ahead I dont mind. I am a guild leader wussy atleast. And I am the king of the world now! > Start of story! Muhahaha! >: )
  11. I think Bella is right. Atleast it would be better for me.
  12. Well not that I am kind of person that is careing about the world that he lives on and trying every best he can to help it, but on the other hand never late to start. Today I've runned into a banner on a web site for web designer tutorials and Idercided to sign in, if anyone wants can do the same. I preffer the internet neutrality stays the same.
  13. Well I dont mind playing at that time, but my graphic is hard to schedule, but 9 pm est is more than decent for me atm. Otherwise I'd be comfortable playing at 2-3 am est which I know is hard for most of the erst here. But I'll try popping every once in awhile, if Bella is playing there ufcourse. > : P Muhahah! It was fun playing the other night, even RXS nana rape lol. j/k.
  14. Aww, Happy Belated Happy BDAY Archer! I am sry I've missed it, I hope it wasa great 1!
  15. Nope Sa$$eR next.