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  1. This is realy sad , The CEO of Trion should realy see this and realize how much of a failure the model he follow is ... P2W killed this game, a beautiful game as AA to turn out like this ...this is a crime to games :( #StopTheGreed #NoMoreP2W No one at MM , no One before mm ... Diamond Shores Empty ... Pirate Land Empty... . Austera Empty... Trion knows what's the right things to do ... but they dont do it :( this is just a message to all players who loves Archeage , this game will close sooner then we think ye cuz they wont try to save it , they ll just close it View the full article
  2. Hello, I was told both nations are at maximum capacity. Is this true? View the full article
  3. It would be really nice... ...to have another old style 2x event before 3.5. Help out some who are close to grinding out cloaks, mats, or those who need a bit more vocation etc. ...to get some more useful (more useful imo) compensation; like player appreciation coins, or something else not game breaking (ie regrade scrolls that are player crafted), or something not wasted on alts and just ends up taking up inventory slots (ie blue and green regrade charms, on side note I noticed I wasn't the only one that used them making divine swimfins and dive helmet). ....to see the rest of the Trion team listed as devs so the dev tracker will let us know when they post information in threads about down time. ....to have pts come up this weekend so 'The Community' can look and see what changes to crafting are coming. Lets face it, you guys act like it is the end of the world and refuse to release info on recipes we are concerned about. This is only making more people think the world is ending. Especially when Khrolan tries to hide the fact Gilda dust is going bye bye, thanks Socke for filling us in. Everyone has their own questions and concerns about these changes, and PTS won't answer all of them. But, it will answer a lot and elimate a lot of speculation. ...to finally get an answer about follow!!! Now pls open this weeks live stream thread so I can start the book of questions I have for it. View the full article
  4. T1-T3 or Mage T4-T6 View the full article
  5. Want to sell Divine Ayanad Lightning Belt PM price or find me in game, IGN Muzzymist. View the full article
  6. Looking for leather or cloth View the full article
  7. Right now they require 20 mana wisps, what will we need in 3.5? (It's the Yny's Ring quest) View the full article
  8. I've been thinking about switching to Revenant and was hoping to get some advice on build/gear. This is what I've com up with so far. http://archeagedatabase.net/us/calc/472314/ View the full article
  9. ^tile View the full article
  10. ^title View the full article
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Hesk Hello! Please make sure to submit a support ticket for this issue, and we will be happy to investigate. Thank you. Jump to post... View the full article
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Hesk Hello! As our response indicates, please update your ticket when you are online so that we can assist with your request. Thanks! Jump to post... View the full article
  13. The Warden's skill trees are all awesome...the Morrowind plotline is, of course, tremendously lacking. I bought the pre-order pack, half of it doesn't work. Got the weird dog. W/E. View the full article
  14. title View the full article
  15. Read this about new Lunafrosts. https://omnom.io/3-5-erenor-lunafrosts/ At the 7th gems: Flame ( for Darkrunner): Melee Critical Damage Increase 18.6% ~ 5 T3 crit gem for a weapon. Gale (Archer) : Movement Speed Increase 4.1% (less than the lunafrost we are using on boots, lol) Earth (Tank): Decreases Damage Received 4.1% Wave (Mage): Increases Skill Damage 4.1% Life (Healer): Decreases Cast Time 4.1% So, same as Serp's Guards, Melee, and Mage have very good Guards while Archer have nothing. They want everyone play melee. We will see more and more DRs in 3.5, Easy class, easy play, very ops and free win. View the full article