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    I am … Mea culpa Of course, this file is a common asset and can be used by any player I think it's necessary to test any players on different systems, if possible. Note: this method does not eliminate the "Client MFC Application" error, alas ......
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    Awesome work getting it up so fast.!! I'll send a donation for the site your way
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    Cooperative sadism, or what happens when the Friendly Fire is turned on :) :) DOWNLOAD mod LivesForeverCoop HERE http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6220 No one saw the danger ... Suddenly the Villain appeared in a red shirt ... The insidious villain in a red shirt suddenly attacked two defenseless girls spies ... When Yatata-san came running, everything was already over .. The brave girl Isako caught the villain and restored Justice :) :):
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    Well... Reshade 3.04 + d8 to d9 conversor Ambient occlusion, GI , Dof , reflective bump mapping ... , reflective bump mapping ...
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    After being inspired by Jlar and his mods, I figured I had to dig up a mod I started last summer and finish some of it. here's a public release for the first chapter. Chapter II is in progress screenshots: Some of them are from unreleased stuff.. Download chapter 1 here
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